Training Equipment

Fold Away T-Ball Tee

$40.00 AUD

Tanner Tee

The original and the best

$135.00 AUD

Rawlings Resistance Bands

Vital for arm strengthening

$45.00 AUD

Training Balls

SKLZ Whiffle Baseball

Heavy Duty Whiffle Baseballs

Sold in Dozens

$36.00 AUD

Plastic Whiffle Baseball

Wiffle Baseballs

Sold in Dozens

$18.00 AUD

Plastic Whiffle Softball

Whiffle Softballs

Sold in packs of 3

$8.00 AUD

Training Balls

Resistance Baseball

$35.00 AUD

Resistance Softball

$40.00 AUD

Pitcher Training Baseball

$25.00 AUD

Field Equipment

Base Set

Quilted Base Set

$90.00 AUD

Pitchers Plate

Official Size

$30.00 AUD

Home late

Official Size

$40.00 AUD

Field Equipment


Pitchers Training Home Plate

$25.00 AUD

Throw Down Base Set

Pitchers plate

Home plate

3 Bases

$25.00 AUD

Waffle Style Base Set

Heavy Duty Set

3 Bases

$50.00 AUD

Nets and Screens

Bownet "Sock" Net

1,5m x 1,5m $125.00

2,1m x 2,1m $220.00

Bownet "L" Screen


Rawlings Rebounder




$9.00 AUD

SKLZ softhands

$20.00 AUD

Bat Weight

$17.00 AUD