Easton ADV BBCOR - 2 5/8
  • SKU: BB19AL

Easton ADV BBCOR - 2 5/8"


Easton ADV 2019 BBCOR Baseball Bat - 2 5/8"

Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR baseball bat has Launch Composite Technology for a larger sweet spot. Its two-piece revolutionary iSO CXN construction is made from proprietary NITROCELL foam for a more solid and natural feel while increasing power. This BBCOR baseball bat also includes a Power Boost Soft Knob design that transfers more power from a player's hands into the barrel of the bat for more leverage and power potential. It also offers reduced vibrations for increased comfort and control.

Bring out the best in the batter with this Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR baseball bat. This bat features a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter and a -3 drop weight. The custom LIZARD SKIN grip with a unique pattern helps the batter maintain control even in humid and wet conditions. This grip is also padded for greater comfort in the hands. The Launch Comp technology optimizes the barrel profile to reduce break-in times for maximum performance with the first swing.